GM Technologies was born in 2006 by a team with great capacities and a thirty years EXPERIENCE IN EASY OPEN ENDS PRODUCTIONS, thanks to these qualities GM Technologies can solve any kind of problem of THE PRODUCTIVE CYCLE proficiently.

GM Technologies provides TAILORED SOLUTIONS and an effective support during all the phases of the production, included the staff training.

The strength and the potential of GM Technologies are in the its brilliant ideas.

In a very little time, the company has proved to have the right qualities to became a reference point for the customers of many sectors, from the FOOD INDUSTRIES to the general METAL PACKAGING WITH CANMAKERS AND ENDMAKERS

GM Technologies has a great talent in finding simple solutions. Therefore improving productivity, reducing costs.

Today many companies in the foods entrust GM Technologies, thanks to the great experience gained in this area and to the high competence of our teams, aiming at the quality of our products and at the services we offer that spans many fields, keeping a focus on the EASY OPEN END.